Monday, November 25, 2013

Chunky, Dark and Nerdy

You’re about 15 years out of date at this point. That’s not gonna stop you, though, is it? And if you just keep at it for another 40 years or so, you’ll actually be in style. So, here’s a salute to the unknowing hipsters of the 1960s.

No, only the stems are black, but still …

Cookie Rojas is probably pretty familiar to you by now. I previously flagged him for his specs no less than two times, but also for a seriously bad paint job. I’m thinking I’ve said pretty much there is to say about this guy already.

I do like the sideburns though.


Robert John?  It’s an autograph, Bob.  You’re not buying a house here, okay?

Bob Spence was the fourth pick in the 1967 draft. It took him a couple of years in the minors before he made his debut with the Chisox in ’69. But then … 

Well, actually, not a whole lot. Poor Bob appeared for three years in the majors, finishing with under 200 at bats and with an average barely over .200. This was his only card. 

I always get this guy confused with Tim Tommermann.

Tom Timmerman had one good year, 1970, when he was the Tigers closer and finished third in the league in saves. He was also a starter for three of his six years, but couldn’t break double figures in wins. Overall, he finished dead even, at 35-35, with an ERA just a little south of 4.00.

There are a surprising number of Tom Timmermans out there – a boxer, a professor, a sports writer, an HVAC repairman, the Chief Procurement and Technical office at Autobar … Couldn’t find any Tim Tommermans though.

The ol’ guys could be hip too, you know.

You can’t tell on this one, but Clyde King is cross-eyed. I kid you not. Of course I made fun of him for that. Here, check out this player card of his from the 1950s.

The playing career was pretty brief. After that, though, Clyde was very busy as scout, coach, manager, GM, and author. Yup, Clyde wrote a book!

Nobody worked ‘em like ol’ Dave here. If you don’t believe me, check out this full frontal shot from the ‘60s. Just make sure no children are around when you do so, okay?

I covered Dave’s career in that post, so let me introduce you to another side of Dave Ricketts you may not be familiar with:
  • He and his brother played hoops together in college, winning the NIT (the then equivalent of the NCAA)
  • Dick, the brother, later played in the NBA
  • Dave, meanwhile, set a then record for consecutive free throws made
Hmm … Maybe Dave shoulda stuck with the big orange ball.

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