Monday, June 16, 2014

A Rose by Any Other Name (‘70s Version, Alliterative Edition)

So, we’ve got the long ones, and the short ones, and now the ones that start with the same letter (that’s what “alliterative” means by the way).

Why not LeRin LaGrow? It’s French, non?

Lerrin LaGrow was up for ten years, playing for five different teams. He had an interesting career, putting in time as a starter, middle reliever, and closer (and definitely not necessarily in that order). 

Lerrin’s probably best known for the 1972 ALCS, when he threw at Bert Campaneris, who in turn threw his bat at Lerrin. Both were suspended for the rest of series. And, yes, you can see it all on YouTube.

Today, it looks like Lerrin acts as a business broker (whatever that is) and is headquartered in Arizona. Give him a call!

Sounds like something from Doctor Seuss.  If I remember correctly, I believe Larry Lintz’s loopa liked to lick linguine. 

Larry was one of MLB’s few designated runners. I’m sure he set some kind of record with the A’s in 1976 when he got in 68 games but had only one at bat. Somehow or other, though, he managed to steal 31 bases and score 21 runs.

Overall he got 616 at bats in 350 games, with 128 stolen bases and a .227 average. Gene Mauch, who Lintz played for in Montreal, once said Larry was the best player he had ever seen once he was on first base.

Scipio appears to be trying to read the number written in his cap. To ascertain whether he has the right one.  Scipio: take it off.  It’s a lot easier to read that way.  (Psst:  I think it’s a 39.)

Scipio Spinks had a lot of promise (he was traded straight up for Jerry Reuss once), but his career came to an abrupt end when he collided with Johnny Bench at home plate. Note to self … Do not collide with Johnny Bench at home plate.

The name? Scipio is from some Roman dudes who beat up on the Carthaginians. It was, at one time, a popular name among African Americans.  It means “staff,” like a shepherd’s staff. The Spinks is English and comes from the chaffinch (a kind of bird). I can’t decide which is worse – Scipio Spinks or Staff Chaffinch.

Cardell I can take. Camper I can take. Even something like Cardell Campell or Chris Camper, maybe. But, Cardell Camper? Definitely not.

After toiling for seven years in the minors, Cardell Camper was up in the bigs for less than a month. He got in three games total, starting one. Over his nine career innings, Cardell managed to post a perfect record (1-0) and strike out nine, though he did give up four earned runs.

His big claim to fame seems to be getting traded for Joe Charboneau, who would then go on to become Rookie of the Year for the Tribe. Cardell? Not so much.

Nyce nyme.  

Nyls Nyman was up for four years, but just barely. Overall, he tallied 357 at bats, but with 327 of those coming in one year. In toto, he hit .238 with two home runs. 

He’s now a coach at Kankakee Community College. Read all about it right here.

And a tip o’ the hat to Charlie Chant.  I’ve got him up for 19 major-league at-bats over two years but, alas, no baseball card.

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