Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Unibrow (‘50s Version)

Want that Cro-Magnon look?  Well, there’s probably no better way to get it than to put a little Rogaine right between the eyebrows. 

“But what did aspiring cavemen do back in the days before that modern medical miracle?” you’re probably asking yourself.   Well, they pretty much just had to lump it, didn’t they?  Unless, of course, they were simply naturally endowed that way.

So, here are some lucky fellas from the ‘50s who got that Neanderthal look using solely their own genetic material …

Howie Fox had a pretty mediocre career – nine seasons, lifetime winning percentage of .374, led the league in losses one year.

Interestingly, Howie passed away only two years after this card was made.  Turns out he was pitching in the Texas League in 1955, got in a bar fight in San Antonio, and was stabbed to death.  He was only 34.

And here's Howie looking like he was painted by da Vinci. And Howie looking a little off kilter.

Walt’s already made a previous appearance on this blog.    That was for his particular choice of eyeware.  Little did I know, he was using those  glasses to hide a real unibrow.  You’ve been uncovered, Walt!

Interestingly, there is only one Billy Johnson on baseball-reference.com.  At the same time, though, there are two William Russell Johnson’s (Billy’s real name).  Wouldn’t you know – the second one went by “Russ.”


Ray Jablonski was one of those good-hit, no-field guys.  He had over 100 RBIs twice and 20 homers once.  He’d be a DH these days. 

I love the name, by the way.  Sounds like a ballplayer, doesn’t it?  Too bad his nickname wasn’t “Rip” or “Moose” or something sufficiently  slugger-like.


Holy Andy Etchebarren!  How come I never heard of this guy before?  Those things would give Wally Moon a real run for his money.  Too bad Frank’s only on this one card.

Frank Zupo got only 18 at-bats over three years with the O’s (and only the one card).  Classic Orioles bonus baby gone bad.

When Zupo caught George Zuverink, the two became the first all-Z battery in MLB history.  His nickname was “Noodles.”  “Noodles Zupo” – unbelievable!

* - author has this card

And, no, Wally Moon, we haven’t forgotten about you.  In fact, I've got a whole page dedicated to your particular glories.

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