Monday, August 6, 2012

Wally Moon: Unibrow God

He’s not an unattractive fellow.  If it weren’t for a certain … um … er … feature …  Wow!  It’s really something, isn’t it?  There’s just no pause as it crawls across his brow.  You can’t help staring straight at it.

Wally actually had a pretty decent career, playing twelve years with the Cards and Dodgers.  In his first year, he led the league in plate appearances (716!) and won the Rookie of the Year award.  In subsequent years, he:
  • Was a league leader in triples and on-base percentage
  • Was a two-time All Star
  • Won a Gold Glove
  • Came in the top 10 in MVP voting once

Still, there’s just one thing that really stands out when it comes to Wally.  I’ve got  other pages dedicated to guys with unibrows, but there’s no doubt in my mind Wally deserves a page of his own.  So, take it away, Wally Moon, god of the unibrow …


1955, the great rookie year.

I’m skipping 1956, as it was the exact same shot.  Topps used to do that in the early days.  Cheap bastards.


1957, an action shot.

1958, the first year on the All Star team.

Another “action” shot.

1959.  Up-close-and-personal this year.  As we definitely should be with Wally, right?


1960, his best year.  Looks really similar to ’59, though, doesn’t it?


1961, his only Golden Glove year. 

Hey, except for the uniform, this is the same shot as ’57.  I feel cheated.


1962.  Still your basic head shot, but sans chapeau this time.

1963.  Man, these all look the same, don’t they?

1964.  Quintessential Wally Moon.  If I had to pick just one card, this would be it.

I wonder if he ever combed that thing.


1965.  Same as 1958.  Was there something in his contract that limited him to three basic poses?

This was his last year.  After that, he coached college and the minors for a number of years.  He was also a guest star on Wagon Train, playing a sheriff and catching a bullet in a shootout with the bad guy.

Oh, I couldn't forget - Wally's got his own site.

* - author has this card

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  1. If Ted Kaczynski was the "Unibomber", then Wally Moon is the "Unibrower"!