Monday, January 16, 2012

You Know, I Don’t Feel So Good (‘50s Version)

“Man, it’s hot.  April in Tampa, huh?  When is that stupid photographer gonna be done with Arnie?  Geez, I’ve got better things to do.  Is there some place I can get out of the sun here?  That workout this morning wasn’t so easy, was it?  Especially after sitting on the couch all winter, eh?  I don’t know about you … but those beers from last night aren’t sittin’ too well right now … not to mention the Crown Royal …”


“Oh man, I think I’m gonna hurl.  Get it?  I’m a pitcher.  Hurl?  Ah, forget it.”

We all know the Bells and Boones as three-generation MLB families.  Not everyone’s so familiar, though, with the Colemans.  So, Joe here begat Joe Jr. [‘60s and ‘70s], who begat Casey [currently with the Cubs].  And all of them pitchers.


You okay, Earle?  You sure?  Is there anything I can get you?  Little Metamucil maybe?

You’re probably more familiar with Earle Combs from his playing days.  He played for the Yankees for his whole 12-year career, batting leadoff for what were some incredible teams in the ‘20s and ‘30s.  It was enough to get him into the Hall of Fame.

It’ll be okay, Tom.  Really.  But if you have to go, lean far over the railing, okay?

A nice design, by the way.  It looks a lot like the classic ’56, but has its own style too.

Another hurler.

A hurler from the South.

Dixie shares something in common with Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, and Jim Thorpe.  All played in both Major League Baseball and the NFL. 

It was in college, though, where Howell really was a star.  His days as an All-American fullback at Alabama earned him a spot in the College Football Hall of Fame and a mention in To Kill a Mockingbird (Scout tells her brother Jem he looks like Dixie in order to cheer him up).

Here's another view of Dixie.

The bathroom’s right this way, Stan.  Make sure you put the toilet seat up, okay?

(Click here for a very interesting play Stan was involved in.)

“You know, standing around out here isn’t going to make me feel any better, Skip.”

I’m glad I could include a card of the immortal Sibby Sisti.  What a name!  It was short for Sebastian, by the way.

Poor Sibby.  Looks like he was always feeling a little poorly.

"Forget it, Joe.  It’s too late.  This one’s already gone.  Just put him on the stretcher and we'll head on back to the morgue."

(Hey, cool!  Carl has his own site)

* - author has this card

More illness here ('60s) and here ('70s).


  1. You've got the wrong Dixie Howell. There were actually TWO men named Dixie Howell who played big league baseball, yet neither of them played football at Alabama or, for that matter, for the Redskins. That was actually the THIRD Dixie Howell.

    He did play minor league ball for eight seasons but never reached the majors.

    Incredibly, he shared a first name with the Dixie Howell featured in the card you've posted: Millard.

  2. Holy cow! That's pretty incredible. Thanks for the insights.

    - Cliff "Dixie" Anderson